The Benefits of Coconut Oil as the Superfood

In the Eastern, people call a Coconut tree as the world tree. T is because a coconut tree has many uses and benefits. In the certain country such as India, people always add the coconut to the food. They cannot prepare the food without coconut. One of the benefits of coconut is the coconut oil.

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The coconut oil is different from other types of oil. The nutrient contained in the coconut oil is different from the palm oil. We can say that coconut oil is healthier than the palm oil. There are some reasons for stating the coconut oil as the superfood. Check this out.

• Coconut oil is rich in MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Coconut oil contains the high saturated fat. But, the saturated fat is good since it consists of the palmitic acid, lauric acid, caprylic acid, and myristic acid. This fat belongs to MCTs. This type of fat is healthier. It is because we can metabolize it fast.

• Coconut oil has the high smoking point.

The smoking point of coconut oil is 177 degrees. Other vegetable oils have the lower smoking point. If you cook with the low smoking point oil, the taste has the burnt flavor. Besides, another benefit of using high smoking point oil is that it can oxidize the free radicals.

• Coconut oil is antimicrobial.

Coconut oil has two substances which are antimicrobial. They are lauric acid and caprylic acid. This acid is effective to fight the bacteria and viruses. Besides, it can restore balance to your digestive system.

• It is good for hair.

Perhaps, you face some hair problems such as dandruff, itchy scalp or split end. You can use the coconut oil to solve this problem. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant. Moreover, the studies say that coconut oil penetrates the hair follicles better than the mineral oil. Besides, it can exterminate dandruff. You should notice that dandruff is caused by fungi and bacteria. Then, the micro bacteria property in coconut oil can kill the microorganism.

• It helps the digestion system.

The coconut oil can transform the lauric acid into the antimicrobial agent. So they can kill the bacteria. Besides, it can reestablish the balance in your digestive system. So, if you consume coconut oil every day, you can solve any digestive problem. For instance, you can overcome constipation, gastritis, colitis, and bowel syndrome. Besides, you can clean your colon by using the coconut oil.

• It is good for your skin.

Coconut oil is the edible oil. We also can use it as the hair tonic. Besides, we can use it for massaging and skin conditioning. It is because coconut oil is rich in Vit E. We need vitamin E for the skin health. Also, you can use the coconut oil to remove your make up. This oil can penetrate our skin deeper than other skin care cosmetics. It is because it has the smaller molecular weight.

• It can burn your fat.

Coconut oil contains the fewer calory than other oils. Since the size of the molecule is smaller, we can absorb it faster. So, we can use it as the energy source immediately. We will not store this oil as the body fat.

McdVoice – How to Order McDonald’s Menu and the Steps in McdVoice Survey

The best way to boost our mood is by enjoying the best meal with the lovely ones. McDonald’s Con, Burger, or Ice Cream will be the best choices for your best eatery experiences. Is it your first time to order McDonald’s Menu? You can try some easy ways while you can get your best eatery experience at once. Don’t forget to take part in McdVoice and share your feedback at As you know, McdVoice Survey provides McDonald’s Coupon. For the further information about it, you can visit

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About McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s Restaurant is one of the largest fast food chains in the United States. This restaurant serves the fast food dishes. Because of its efforts, McDonald’s has been successful to prove that it is not an easy competitor for the others fast food restaurant in the USA, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and so on. For your surprise, this restaurant has been expanding into more than 3000 branches across the USA.

What does McDonald’s Restaurant Sell?

For its first operation, McDonald’s run its Barbecue Café Style. With its special fast food flavors, this restaurant was claimed as the Barbecue restaurant. Year after year, McDonald’s always modifies its concept into it becomes larger and larger. Because of the full of love and trust from the customers, it becomes one of the most famous fast food chain in the United States. Today, this restaurant has several McDonald’s Special Menu, such as:

• Hamburger • Chicken and Rice Dishes • Salad • Sandwich • Chicken and Beef Steak • French Fries • Soft Drink • Ice cream and much more McDonald’s Menu Options.

Why Should Take Part in McdVoice?

As long you have visited McDonald’s Restaurant, please keep in mind how well this chain treats us well. In spite of the best menu offered, McDonald’s gives the best services to keep the customers back. But, nobody is perfect in this place even the McDonald’s Company. Maybe, you ever get any troubles or inconvenient things in McDonald’s Services. So that’s why McdVoice comes to give you a free space to share them all. As long you share in a good way, McDonald's Company intends to appreciate it all. There are some benefits that you can get from McdVoice Survey, such as:

• At first, you will be a part of McDonald’s Development.

• Then, you are going to provide the best eating experience for another customer through your feedback to McDonald’s Team.

• After that, you can be close and create the good relationship with McDonald’s Restaurant. This way will lead you to get the McDonald’s Offers in an easy way.

• At last, you will get a chance to win McdVoice Prizes.

Where to Access McdVoice?

As explained before, McdVoice is the online customer survey form McDonald’s Restaurant. In line with another survey portal such as MyBKExperience, MyKFCExperience, and so on, this survey provides the series of the questionnaire. Those will show the degree of customers’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction through McDonald’s performance. To access this online survey, the customers should prepare a set of computers including its best internet connection. Also, they should have McdVoice Receipt which contains McdVoice Survey Code and the last purchasing information. After all, qualifications were complete; they can visit

About The Step by Step in McdVoice

Well, we can learn about the step by step in McdVoice Survey. Without no worries, you will never get the difficult and complicated steps in McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. As you know, the best time to join the survey is shortly after you visited it. It is the best time where you can still remember every single moment that you have got with this fast-food chain. And, here the following steps are:

• Step one:

Of course, the participants should visit the official survey website at Once they reached the survey page, they can run the language setting section. Even if they are not confident using English, they can change into Spanish by clicking on the blue link. It is available on the upside of the site.

• Step two:

Then, they can start McdVoice by sending the survey code. Just be sure that they avoid the mistyping. If they cannot send the survey code, they can start the survey by giving the information about the current purchasing information.

• Step three:

For the next, the series of the questionnaire will appear on the screen. At that time, they should answer it as well they give the true feedback based on their real experience with McDonald’s Restaurant.

• Step four:

Even if the participants have some troubles, they don’t need to afraid for sharing it in McdVoice. Just make sure that they share it in a good and polite way. After completing the survey section, the validation code will appear on the screen. At that time, they should write it down on the receipt and bring to McDonald’s Restaurant within 60 days of the last survey.

Just in case you get some troubles in McdVoice, you can ask McDonald’s Customer Service. To deal this way, you can visit and go to “Contact-Us” menu. The customer service will be ready to help you every day at 7 AM to 7 PM CST.

Hertz Survey – How to Get a Discount Coupon from Hertz

Have you planned your trip for your next weekend? If you are afraid to plan because you don’t have any vehicles to go, you must update your information because Hertz is always ready to offer you a rental vehicle. This company also provides a discount coupon for rent by completing its Hertz Survey. Come on, take your discount guys!

Why should Hertz Survey?

As long as you are a Hertz Customer, you may take part in this survey to support Hertz’s Performance. Here, you can give your assessment through your moment with Hertz.

enter image description here

Even, you can give your recommendation and share your problems with Hertz. For your further information about Guest Satisfaction Survey, you can enhance your knowledge by visiting regularly It will help you.

How to take part in Hertz Survey?

Is this your first experience joining a customer survey? If the answer is yes, you can learn the step by step through reading all the part of this article. And, here they are:

• The First (1):

In the beginning survey, you should go to the survey website in Even, you can go to Hertz’s main website and join the survey via the menu “Contact-Us.”

• The Second (2):

Then, you may select your preferred language. Here, you can choose between English or Spanish. You need to make sure that you can understand well one of its languages.

• The third (3):

After that, you can send your survey number, the store, and your date of the last visit. If you forget it, you can see it on your current receipt.

• The fourth (4):

Hertz Survey provides two styles of the survey. At first, you must rate some like-scale statement from one to five score. And then, you can give your detail review, recommendation, and complaints in the next section.

• The Fifth (5):

In the last section, you can send your review and give your personal information such as your full name, address, email, and phone number. By your information, Hertz’s customer service can contact you easily.

If you have fulfilled all parts of Hertz Survey, you may get a chance to get a discount coupon. The customer service will send you some numbers, and you should show it on your next visit. You will get it directly after completing the survey.

What should you obey?

Hertz Survey provides some rules that can lead you to the real winner. But to reach it, you must obey them as well as possible. And, here the rules are:

• At first, you are not a part of Hertz’s staff and employees.

• The second, the survey number is available in a limited-time. Often, it can be not more than seven days of the last visit.

• Then, you are at least 18 years old and be the resident of USA.

• At last, you are master to understand the basic of English or Spanish.

What should you prepare?

To make you easy in completing all the survey, you need to prepare some tools. And, the tools are:

• You must prepare your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. At that moment, you should make sure that you have an internet device and stable internet connection.

• Then, you may keep your receipt in its good condition. So, you can see the information inside clearly.

• You may prepare a pen or pencil to write down your discount number.

• The last, you have enough time to complete it. It will not spend your much time, just about five to ten minutes.

Great! You have known the step by step very well. If you get a discount number, you must write it down on your last receipt. Later, you can show it to Hertz’s Staff and redeem it with a free discount. See you there!

Great Ways – The Great Ways to Cure Your Heartache

Getting a heartache is one of the most difficult situations in our life. When you love someone much then you want to get married to him/her, in a sure you want a long relationship. But of a sudden, maybe your couple betrays and leaves you with someone new. In this case, you maybe will face the hardest heartache. Even, you may lose your spirit and mood to do your activity.

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In general, there is no shortcut to cure your heartache. Even, the best medicine often comes from yourself. If you have a strong intention to move on, you will face all the difficulties and try to do as well as possible. In the opposite, if you don’t have its intention, all ways maybe will be nonsense and useless.

This article offers some great ways to help you cure your heartache. In a full of hope, you will get your new self and forget all pain in the past. So, you can face your future with new hope and wish. And, here we go!

• The first:

At the beginning of the great ways are about to go through it. In this case, you need to push yourself to face your heartache. Even, it is difficult, but you must beliefs that you can be happy without him/her.

• The second:

The next great ways are about to avoid the past temporary. No matter this way hears so rude and arrogant, but you must do this. In this situation, you cannot control your emotion as well as possible. Easily, you maybe will get hurt when you know the current activities of her/him again and again.

So, it is better to avoid it temporarily. In this time, you may also avoid her/him including the family. At least, just for a while, you need to relax and accept that your relationship has been over.

• The third:

Then, the next great ways are about to list your strength. In this case, you need to realize that you can live without him or her. Even, this way will help you find your confidence, and make you brave to open your new life.

• The fourth:

After that, the next great ways are about to look for another happiness. When you get heartache, you will choose to stay in your room and avoid your friends and family. Well, this way is a bad habit. As an exact, you must go outside and find your others happiness. You may spend your time with your friends and family and try to forget your sadness.

• The fifth:

Then, you must try something new in your life. To forget about your heartache, you need to try something new that makes you interest and enthusiastic. Maybe, you can try a new hobby, job, or trip location. Also, you can start to open your heart and try to accept another love.

• The sixth:

The last great ways are about to stay focused on your next goal. In this case, you may focus on your study, job, or family. No matter you are sad, but you must realize that your life is not just about love. There are many things that you need to achieve to make you and your family proud and happy.

Alright, in hope, some great ways above will be useful for you. Even, you may choose the best way that suitable for yourself and condition. Belief or not, God sent someone or something because of a reason. And, learning from it is your main duty. So, you don’t be afraid of your future just because of your heartache. At last, you may create your best future by yourself. Keep forward guys!

Dollar General – How to Get $1,000 Cash from Dollar General Survey?

Dollar General is one of the best American supermarket chains that have a great number of customers. In this case, Dollar General starts to offer you to join DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes. So that you know, there will be DGCustomerFirst prizes that you can win. It is $1,000 cash that will change your life even for a while. You can spend $1,000 at Dollar Stores, and you are going to be the happiest person on this planet! You can visit dgcustomerfirst to get a large information about it.

About Dollar General DGCustomerFirst

Before you go too far, first thing first, you need to know more about the program. For information, DGCustomerFirst is such online customers’ feedback experience survey created by Dollar General Company. Here, the goal is to find the unhappy Dollar customers and turn them into the happy ones. You can start to access to take the survey.

enter image description here

And, if you are willing to take the survey, you can use your current Dollar General receipt. There will be DGCustomerFirst Survey Code that you are going to need. And also, you will need to find Dollar General Store Number that you can find on the receipt. If you have completed the survey, you are going to get an offer to join DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes. It is the page where you can get DGCustomerFirst Validation Code to win $1,000 cash. Isn’t it interesting?

Step by Step for DGCustomerFirst Survey

If you want to take the survey, there are some rules and steps that you need to follow. If you do not complete the whole steps, it will lead you to be unable to enter DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes. And, here are some steps for Dollar General Survey:

• Step #1: The first step, you have to go to You can use your best internet browser on your laptop, mobile phone, or computer.

• Step #2: The second step you must take is to input DGCustomerFirst Survey Invitation Code. Here, you need to be sure that the code you enter is all correct.

• Step #3: Then, you can enter Dollar General Store Number that you can find on Dollar receipt.

• Step #4: For the next, you will have to set the language. If you are comfortable using the default language, you can just go on. And if you want to change it, there will be only one language that is Spanish.

• Step #5: Now, it is the time to answer DGCustomerFirst questions available on the survey page. You will have to answer them based on your experience when you visit Dollar General Store.

• Step #6: After that, you will see an open question where you can write everything about Dollar General Feedback. You can either give compliments, suggestions, or even critics.

• Step #7: And the last, you will get DGCustomerFirst validation code or DGCustomerFirst coupons. But before it happens, you will have to enter your personal information.

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes Rules

About DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes and Survey, there will be some rules that you must follow. Here they are:

• First, it is important for you to be at least 18 years old when you enter

• Second, you must be an American legal resident

• Third, you can only enter DGCustomerFirst Sweepstakes and get the validation code after you complete DGCustomerFirst Survey

• The survey and sweepstakes are available only for Dollar General customers, and if you are Dollar employees, you cannot participate in the sweepstakes to win $1,000 prizes

Overall, it is about Dollar General DGCustomerFirst Survey Sweepstakes that you have to know. There will be some chances if you take more than one survey. And to do so, you will need more than one receipt. So, best luck in winning DGCustomerFirst $1,000 prizes!

Top 6 Must Visit Beaches in Central America in 2018

Woyoyo! You look unhappy, and it seems like you need to take a vacation and visit some beautiful beaches in Central America. There are some best beaches that you can visit. Here they are:

• Beach #1: Placencia, Belize

The first beach is Placencia that has an exotic view. As you can see, the sands look like chocolate coffee the, and there are many palm trees. You can enjoy sitting or even sleeping under the palm trees while enjoying the view of the sea. It will be best if you visit this beach in the morning as you can spend your whole day at this beach. About food, you do not need to worry as there are some people selling snacks and food for your lunch and dinner.

enter image description here

You can find this beach in the south of Belize. Yes, it is Placencia boasts that you can find the mainland's best beaches. At this beautiful beach, you can exactly do many things such as Scuba diving, kayaking, or even snorkeling trips. If you do not take your vacation yet, this beach can be the best destination for you. And one of the most exciting parts is that you can climb a coconut tree to get the coconut. No doubt, it will be fun if you do it with friends.

• Beach #2: Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

enter image description here

The next beach you can visit is Playa Tamarindo. You can find this beach at Costa Rica's. If you see, the beach is pretty beautiful and will make your holiday becomes unforgettable. It will be relaxing if you visit the beach before the sunset. No doubt, the view that you can enjoy is adorable. You will feel like you are at home and you do not want to go back to your hometown. One of the best things you can do at this beach is walking. Yes, you can walk around just to feel the nature. You can feel your body and soul gets united with nature.

Beach #3: San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

The color of the water in the sea is unique. Sometimes, you get the color is blue and sometimes it turns into green color. The green and blue colors do make an impressive combination that makes you fall in love with the sea at first sight. The beach is still clean and therefore, you do not need to worry about lying on the beach’s sands. This shore is near to Costa Rica so that you can visit this beach after visiting Playa Tamarindo.

enter image description here

There are of course many things that you can do at this beach such as prime surfing, sailing, as well as sports fishing. Besides, you can also enjoy sunbathing while striking the ecological beauty. The beach is calm and peaceful as it has many tall trees, complete with the lagoons, and wildlife abound. At this San Juan del Sur's sands, you will be able to see some cute turtles that will boost your mood. Awesome, isn’t it?

Beach #4: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

If you love surfing, Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica can be the best destination for you. The waves are so cool and enjoyable for surfing. And if in this case, you do not know how to surf, you can take a short lesson from the surf outlets. The sands maybe not as smooth as other beaches but you still can enjoy it such as building the sand house. You can bring your children or family here, and it is going to be wonderful!

enter image description here

For you who love animals, you can find more than 109 species of mammals complete with the 184 bird’s species. The accommodation may be a bit expensive, but once you reach the destination, it will be priceless. So, are you ready?

Beach #5: Tulum, Mexico

enter image description here This one is indeed not exactly in Central America. For information, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is my favorite beach that you can visit anytime you want. The white sands and clear blue, green sea make the landscape look perfect to escape from your stressful life. This beach can be the best one if you want to do sunbathing. You can enjoy reading your favorite books at this beautiful scenery that you will not find every day. It is such a private beach that you must visit this year!

Beach #6: Roatan, Honduras

enter image description here Honduras's Bay Islands is the last but also the most beautiful one. You will not believe what you see as the sea is green and so clear. When you look at a boat, it will look like floating on the water. It is because you never see any other clearer water than what you can see on this beach. At this beach, you will face unexpected things such as Caribbean waves, vibrant sea creatures, complete with elusive whale sharks. You do not need to worry about the prices as they are low. If I were you, I would visit this beach tomorrow.

You see the top 6 best beaches in Central America, and you should not take too long to decide which beach you want to visit. So, enjoy your life and keep traveling!

How to Enjoy Free Sandwich at Checkers and Rally’s Restaurants in 2018?

Are you a loyal Checkers and Rally’s customer? If it is yes, then it will be good news as you have a full right to enjoy Checkers and Rally’s free sandwich. For information, the restaurant offers you to spend your five minutes to participate in GuestObessed Survey. You do not have to worry as all you need is a recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt. Now, enjoying the free sandwich with people you love is no longer a joke!

About GuestObessed

When you are about to take the survey, you must gain more information first. Just for information, GuestObessed is an online customer experience satisfaction survey coming from Checkers and Rally’s. Generally, the role of GuestObessed Survey is to find out the customers feel about the Checkers and Rally’s they visit. The issue will be about Checkers and Rally’s menus and service. The restaurant, in this case, wants to know the overall satisfaction level among Checkers and Rally’s consumers.

enter image description here

You can start taking the survey by visiting GuestObessed official website that is As it is for all customers, you can ask your friends to join you. But still, each participant must own a recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt. You will get GuestObessed Validation Code and you and friends can redeem the coupons for a free sandwich. Isn’t it nice if you can enjoy the free sandwiches with your close friends?

What to Have for GuestObessed Survey?

Before you start accessing the official website, it is best for you to just prepare some kinds of staff then you are going to need. They are:

• A set of computer or laptop or mobile phone or tab

• An internet connection that is better if you get the fast one

• Recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt that you can get at Checkers and Rally’s stores after you purchase a Checkers and Rally’s menu

• Writing utensil for GuestObessed Validation Code

Step by Step for GuestObessed Survey Full Instructions

So, without making it any longer, here is GuestObessed Survey step by step instruction that you can follow:

Step 1

At the beginning, it will be best if you run an internet browser on your device and click the address bar at the top of the page. Type and it will direct you to the official website of the survey.

Step 2

For the next, you can enter the GuestObessed Survey Code that you can gain from the Checkers and Rally’s receipt. The details that you must input are date and time of the visit. Besides, you will have to input the Checkers and Rally’s store number.

Step 3

At this step, you can see some brief GuestObessed questions and in this case, you need to answer based on your experience. You need to decide whether the visit was take away or dine in. somehow, the survey may ask the item that you ordered complete with how you feel about the service.

Step 4

Now, you reach the main GuestObessed survey part. You must find many GuestObessed Survey questions and you have to answer them honestly. If you ask why, it is because the answers that the customers give will be a raw material for the restaurant team an to make an improvement. If many of them ask better services, then the customers will get it. And it is the same with the Checkers and Rally’s menu when customers complaint about it.

Step 5

Finally, you finish the survey. You must be happy as you will earn the GuestObessed Validation Code or what others call as Checkers and Rally’s coupon code. you are about to need it when you visit Checkers and Rally’s store, therefore, you have to save it. It is okay to write down the GuestObessed Coupon Code on the back of the receipt. And if you do not have pen or pencil, you can just take a picture or shoot the screen.

Checkers and Rally’s Customer Service Contact

Alright! You want to get GuestObessed rewards by taking the survey but somehow, you find it difficult because of some reasons. You may get the server is error, page interrupted and so on. indeed, you can talk this problem to Checkers and Rally’s representatives. These are the Checkers and Rally’s contact details:

• Checkers and Rally’s Phone Number

So, the first contact is Checkers phone number that you can dial at 1 800 800 8072. You must call the restaurant team within the Checkers and Rally’s hours of operation.

• Checkers and Rally’s Headquarter Address

And you can also send a letter to Checkers and Rally’s postal mailing address that is 4300 West Cypress Street Suite 600 Tampa, 33606 Florida.

• Checkers and Rally’s Official Sites

And the last, the restaurant provides information at or where you can find the latest Checkers and Rally’s promotion. You can also use the Checkers and Rally’s locator to find the Nearest Checkers and Rally’s stores locations. So, it is the overall look of Checkers and Rally’s Survey and if you find it useful, you can start practicing the survey guides. Enjoy the free sandwich, fellas!

The Most Popular Tex-Mex Restaurant Chains

Americans really love Tex-Mex cuisine. Perhaps, it is due to the geographic reason. No doubt, there are a large number of Tex-Mex restaurants in this country. But, do you know where the origins of this food? Perhaps, many people only enjoy it without considering where this cuisine is from. In fact, Tex-Mex food has started its popularity since 1970. So, the concept of Texas-Mexican cuisine is still new in the US.

In the beginning, Tex-Mex restaurants opened in the Southwest cities in the US. In these cities, there are many Mexican populations. That’s why many people are looking for the original cuisine from Mexico. So, why do we call it Tex-Mex? It is because this Mexican food is often cooked by Texan. Hence, they combine the words Texas and Mexico as the name of this cuisine. The popularity of this cuisine started expanding around the world.

When you are sick of American cuisine, enjoying Tex-Mex food can be a nice choice. It is because you will be able the different taste of food. So, you do not need to go to Mexico to enjoy Mexican food. In fact, there is no difference between Tex-Mex cuisine and the authentic Mexican dish. Both of them use the same ingredients and spices. As the example, the Tex-Mex restaurant will use the basic ingredients such as Rice, tortillas, beans, chicken, beef, and cheese. But, usually, the traditional Mexican restaurant uses more subtle taste-wise. This restaurant also uses the fresh white cheese rather than the shredded cheddar.

Most of Tex-Mex restaurants also offer the same menu items. That is why we will be difficult to select which Tex-Mex chain is better. But, every chain may have the signature dish which distinguishes it from other chains. As the example, one restaurant may specialize in burritos, fajitas, taco, and others. So, if you have to choose which Tex-Mex is the best one, you have to set up some criteria. First, you have to know the variety of menu items offered by the restaurant. Then, you can select the restaurant which uses the best bean and rice. The next, you can determine the best chain based on the fresh ingredient used. Also, you can select the best restaurant based on the authentic dish served. For example, you can choose which restaurant serves the best salsa, chips, guacamole, and other dishes.

tex mex restaurant

As stated below, finding Tex-Mex restaurant chains in the US is very easy. Since this type of cuisine has a lot of fans, many restaurants serve this food. In this article, we try to mention the top Tex-Mex restaurants around you. We believe that you will be familiar with some restaurants listed below.

  1. Chipotle

If you are searching the Tex-Mex chain which serves the fresh and affordable food, Chipotle should be on your list. Firstly opened in 1953, the founder never expects that Chipotle can be successful like now. The founder of Chipotle makes a revolution in Tex-Mex restaurant. He ensures that all ingredients used in Chipotle are always fresh. That is why, he makes sure that all chicken, pork, and beef are raised naturally. Besides, this restaurant also avoids using no trans fat on their menu. Hence, we can trust the freshness and the health of the food served by Chipotle. So, Chipotle is the best choice when you really concern to your health

However, serving the healthy menu is not enough to attract the customers. Every guest that comes to Chipotle must expect to enjoy the delicious dish. That is why Chipotle also makes an effort to create the tasty dish. When you visit Chipotle, you have to try its Burrito Bowls as well as the guacamole. So, whenever you want to enjoy Mexican food, Chipotle can be your alternative. In this restaurant, you can enjoy not only the fresh food but also tasty and affordable. Besides, you also can make sure the ingredients of the meal you order are always fresh.

Chipotle never feels satisfied with its business achievement. That is why this restaurant wants to keep improving its quality. Chipotle always involves its customers to improve its restaurant. That is why this restaurant has the Chipotle survey. This online survey allows Chipotle customers to speak up their opinions to make Chipotle better.

  1. Baja Fresh

Firstly opened in 1990 at California, Baja Fresh declares that it uses the fresh ingredients as implied by its name. All menu items in Baja Fresh are handmade. So, you will never find any freezer, can opener, MSG, or microwave in all chains of Baja Fresh. As like its slogan, Eat Well, Live Fresh, Baja Fresh wants that all customers experience the good and healthy dish in its restaurant. With this commitment, Baja Fresh is successful to develop its restaurant.

Nowadays, Baja Fresh has more than 250 restaurants. You can find Baja Fresh chains not only in the US but also in Singapore and Dubai.

When you visit Baja Fresh, you should try Baja Bowl. This menu item is the most popular dish from this Tex-Mex restaurant. This dish consists of rice, roasted veggie, beans, salsa, and cilantro. Then, you also can add chicken, steak, carnitas, pork, or grilled shrimp on it. If you do not want to eat rice, you can order its premium burritos.

Baja Fresh really concerns on the guests’ loyalty. This restaurant realizes that the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty can give the impact to the business sustainability. Hence, it creates Baja Fresh Survey. All customers can take Baja Fresh Survey to voice their dining feedback. They can tell Baja Fresh about their recent experience when they enjoy Tex-Mex dish in this restaurant.

  1. Taco Bell

Headquartered in California, Taco Bell is the biggest Tex-Mex fast-food chain. It is because Taco Bell can operate more than 7000 chains worldwide. This restaurant can increase the sales by providing the small stall with the affordable menu. This way, it can attract much more customers since they can purchase several items less than $1. This stall is well-known as Taco Bell Express. This type of outlet is available to the airport, shopping mall, and other convenience stores. This Tex-Mex chain offers the similar menu items like other Mexican restaurants have.

For instance, you can find Nachos, Tacos, or Burritos. You should try the special Taco from Taco Bell. The Taco contains the fresh ground beef, cheese, and lettuce. The Taco shell is very crispy since it uses Doritos seasoning. Besides, Taco Bell also has the innovative Tex-Mex dish. As the example, it offers Chalupas and Crunchwrap Supremes. As like other Mexican restaurants, Taco Bell uses a survey to identify the satisfaction level of every customer. Taco Bell has a survey named TelltheBell. This survey allows Taco Bell customers to give their opinion. Then, Taco Bell will use their suggestion to improve the service. That is why the role of TelltheBell is very crucial for this restaurant’s improvement.

  1. Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana is another fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurant. Firstly opened in 1978, now Taco Cabana can have 166 restaurant chains in Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. This Tex-Mex chain offers the casual atmosphere to hang out. When you visit Taco Cabana, you will be able to sit relaxing on a patio while chatting with your friends. Besides, you will also enjoy the Tex-Mex cuisine. Taco Cabana is one of the restaurants which open all the day and night. So, whenever you are starving, you can go to Taco Cabana near you.

Furthermore, the unique thing from Taco Cabana is its open kitchen. So, the guests can see how the cooks prepare the dish they order. No doubt, Taco Cabana becomes the most favorite Tex-Mex restaurant since it offers the pleasant dining experience. The most recommended menu in this restaurant is Cabana Sampler. In this dish, you can enjoy crispy tacos, cheese enchiladas, and Chicken Flautas. Usually, Taco Cabana will serve it with Rice, Flour tortilla, beans, and guacamole.

After visiting Taco Cabana, you should access CabanaCares. This customer survey lets you tell how your dining experience was going on. Then, you can express your praise or complaints to Taco Cabana. This restaurant will be happy to listen to your feedback through CabanaCares. It is so since; Taco Cabana can evaluate its business based on your feedback.

  1. Del Taco.

Del Taco is the best option when you are looking for low price Tex-Mex dish. Here, you can order American-style Tacos. For instance, you can have Fish Taco with beer-battered. Besides, it offers the traditional Tacos such as Taco Al Carbon. Usually, Del Taco will serve it with Cilantro, Chicken, as well as onion in the Corn Tortilla. Furthermore, Del Taco also provides the breakfast menu. As the example, you can order Breakfast Burritos. This menu item is the suitable dish to start your day.

Del Taco is also well-known for the fusion dish. This restaurant combines the American and Mexican dish. No doubt, even it belongs to Tex-Mex restaurant, you still can order burger and fries. The signature dishes from Del Taco are Double Del Cheeseburger, Chili Cheddar Fries, and Dinner Burritos.

Now, you have five choices of Tex-Mex restaurants. Which restaurant do you think as the most recommended chain? No matter the chain you visit, you should not miss taking their customer survey. To get the reference to Tex-Mex restaurant survey, you can load keliamoniz. This site will give you the guidelines about CabanaCares, Baja Fresh Survey, Chipotle Survey, TelltheBell, etc. So, you will be easier to complete the survey from the Tex-Mex restaurants above.

Tellpopeyes – Get a Chance to Get $1000 by Filling Popeyes Survey!

Tellpopeyes – Get a Chance to Get $1000 by Filling Popeyes Survey!

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant or usually called Popeyes is one of the best choices if you are looking for some crispy chickens and French fries. Now, Popeyes has an online survey called Tellpopeyes in order to understand their customers’ opinion. This could be the best way to improve Popeyes in order to serve you better on your next visit. Popeyes also provides Tellpopeyes $1.000 sweepstake for the participants; you could be the lucky one right? So, let’s just try to fill the survey!

enter image description here The “Must” Things for Tellpopeyes Survey Sweepstakes

Popeyes offers you with a free food coupon for every survey you take. So, if you miss the chance for the main prize, you will be still able to enjoy the coupon. However, they don’t provide any survey paper in the restaurant, so you need to access the survey through online. To get you to the survey page, you will need several things, check them out!

• A Smartphone You need a smartphone or other devices that can connect to the internet to bring you to Popeyes survey.

• Internet Connection Since the survey is an online survey, of course, you will need an internet connection to get there. Popeyes restaurants may have a free Wi-Fi for you; try to ask their staffs for the password.

• A Popeyes Receipt Popeyes receipt is needed because in the beginning of the survey, you will be asked for a code that is printed on there. In some cases, there are receipts that don't have any survey code that makes you confuse what to input in the code column. Don’t’ worry, it is because of Popeyes prints two kinds of receipts, the first one is with a survey code, and the second one doesn’t have a survey code. Don’t worry; because you still can participate in tell Popeyes survey by filling the transaction details. That transaction details will replace the survey code and used as proof that you are their customer.

Popeyes Sweepstake Rules

Just like other sweepstakes, there will be some rules applied in order to join the sweepstake. Here are the rules to join Popeyes sweepstake:

• Rule 1 You should be at least 18 years old to join the sweepstake. The survey itself is open to everyone and also for those who are below 18 years old. However, to join the sweepstake, the minimum age is applied. This is a common thing in a sweepstake.

• Rule 2 You can join the sweepstake if you have finished the survey. Besides, you have to fill your personal information such as your full name, home address, and also an email address.

• Rule 3 The prize of free coupon or anything Popeyes give you upon completion of the survey could be varied. However, they offer an exact prize every month which is $1.000. For the main prize, Popeyes staffs, team member, and immediate family are not allowed to join.

Correct Steps to Fill Popeyes Survey

Actually there is no specific way to fill the survey; however, you may need a little help because this is your first time in filling an online survey. Just in case you have no idea how to fill the survey, you may need to read these steps.

• Visit Tellpopeyes Official Website After you are ready with your device and internet connection, you can open your browser and go to The website is the official website; avoid typo when you type the website address.

• Change the Language You have two language options which are English and Spanish. Change the language if it is necessary.

• Fill the Receipt Details Before you can enter the survey, you have to fill some details of your transaction. Those details are Restaurant number, date, time, and total amount.

• Answer All Tellpopeyes Questions After you fill the details of your transaction, click start and answer all questions. You just need to answer honestly based on your very own experience. Your opinion about Popeyes is very precious to them even if you think they are bad in some aspects.

• Get your Tellpopeyes Validation Code Upon completion of the survey, you will get a validation number that can be used to redeem your prize. The prize could be varied, depends on the Popeyes itself.

Popeyes Customer Service and Headquarter

As a customer, you may want to tell them if you have a problem with your order or whatever it is. Yeap! I agree with that, because complaining to the staffs sometimes could be useless and they can give you a bad response. However, if you complain directly to the customer service. You could get more satisfying answer about Popeyes restaurant, Popeyes Customer Satisfaction survey, and even popeyed office hours. So, here is the customer service number and Popeyes headquarter just in case you want to send a letter to them.

• Popeyes Customer service phone number: 1-877-POPEYES (toll-free) • Popeyes Headquarter address: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000 Atlanta, GA 30346, United States • Popeyes Official Website: and

Well, that is all about Popeyes Guest Satisfaction Survey. Hopefully, it can help you to complete the survey and win $1.000 Popeyes Survey Rewards from them. Good Luck!

I am Impressed by MabelAndZora Online Survey Portal Guides

Hello! I am good at writing articles and I have some websites that you can visit. I believe that my websites are awesome until I find MabelAndZora. You know! The whole things that the website owns are amazing. Starting from the at glance look, you will fall in love at the first sight.

Originally, MabelAndZora is a center of all customer surveys portal and guides. No doubt, you will find all information in details about customer satisfaction surveys. The valuable information provoned by this website is complex, useful, and smart. Of course, you will be able to find some famous companies customer satisfaction surveys. They can be the customer surveys of Burger King, Subway, Starbuck, Publix, Wegman’s, and others.

enter image description here

There are some reasons that make MabelAndZora becomes the best website of the year, based on my version. Starting from the appearance of the content, the website is just perfect as the way it is. Here are the reasons you need to know:

• #1: MabelAndZora has a Great Design

The first reason that you need to know about the website is the design. Believe it or not, the website is pc and mobile friendly. It means that you can access whether using your laptop or smart phone without having to wait for the loading. In this case, you must ever visit some websites that contain a lot of hidden things. Somehow, the pages redirect us to more than five pages. Or, you get the pages are too slow to load using fast internet connection.

MabelAndZora will not be like that! It is different as the website has no hidden annoying things. You will enjoy exploring the information you need for the customer surveys. The colors applied at the website also eye catching. The red one symbolizes braveness of the website to explore useful information that other websites will tend to keep. The white color here symbolizes the purity of the information. It means that all information provided is reliable and valuable. You will get it useful for your life, moreover for those people who love to take advantages.

• #2: MabelAndZora Owns the Information

The second reason is the content that the website provides for all visitors. The news about customer surveys held by famous companies is up to date. You can explore the news starting from the latest ones, or the ones that have biggest prizes. For your information, each company has their own strategy in convincing customers to take part. For example, some of them offer awesome prizes like iPad, fresh money, or even free items.

As good customers, you must find it interesting to get prizes by filling out some questionnaires at the online surveys. You can take it at home and finished everything within ten minutes. And luckily, MabelAndZora provides you rich details of information that you will need in taking the surveys. You should not worry about getting it hard in understanding the information. It is because that smart website has the style in delivering the messages.

First, you can get best understanding from the articles that has some keywords which are very helpful. The articles may have more than 2,000 words. Believe it or not, you will find the articles interesting as they have bullets points. They will make everything clear whether it is about the steps to take the surveys and so on. You will also find information about company profiles, as well as the customer service contact details. The style of the language used is communicative and friendly. To me, they are such perfect aspects in writing a very good article.

Second, you can understand the steps to take the survey through the pictures that MabelAndZora provides. Of course, the goal of the website is to give an insight about how the process of the surveys will be. You will get a big picture and will not get confused on how to do so.

Third, MabelAndZora provides tutorial videos for customer surveys taking steps. No doubt, you will find everything is easy to take. The videos are not mute as other tutorial videos at different websites provide. In this case, you can also listen to the videos as there will be brief explanation why you should click certain buttons. The opening of the videos is great and looks professional.

• #3: MabelAndZora Is Just Awesome

Yes, you can get everything at once at MabelAndZora. You can read the interesting articles, the pictures, as well as the tutorial videos. All of these media is created for beloved visitors. Indeed, I am a bit jealous as MabelAndZora website is much better than my website. The website motivates me a lot to create better website. But it seems like it is a bit hard as it needs work hard and purity to serve the visitors.

Serving the best information, as MabelAndZora motto, to me it is so hard to do. I cannot make a website like that charming one. It is so as first, I have to collect what customer satisfaction surveys are for nowadays. Then, I have to visit the official website of each company that holds the survey program. Then, I have to collect the information about a brief history of the company. Also, I have to try first the surveys, so, I can explain it through my articles. And even more, I have to explore the internet just to find the customer service contacts of each company.

Servings the best information like MabelAndZora, to me, is unbelievable. It needs solid teamwork in making a great website. Even more, I have to make a tutorial video about the steps to take customer satisfaction surveys. First thing first, I have to record the screen and do the dubbing. It will be great if I success to do so. But, most of the surveys need receipt that has invitation survey code. To get this one, I have to visit the restaurant or companies and buy something.

Believe me, MabelAndZora is just perfect as the way it is. You do not need to give you best effort to win the survey prizes such as iPad and $2,000. All that you have now is to visit that awesome website that has all information you need. So cool!